Hi, I’m Ken Treloar -
Bestselling Author and Drone tech consultant.

Ken Treloar speaker presenter writer teacher consultantKen Treloar speaker presenter writer teacher consultantKen Treloar speaker presenter writer teacher consultant

About my work

I support farmers using a mix of cutting-edge technologies, a bank of experience, and some drone-enabled detective work.

My clients are leveraging the very best in AgTech solutions, and you can too.

A bit of history

Growing up, my father was an excellent teacher of the natural things around me, as well as being an engineer. This meant I learnt a lot about nature, the planet, and the built environment too.

I was exposed to (and always curious about) the way things worked, and how they functioned - the moving parts that make up the whole. And inventions of every form continue to fascinate me.

A taste of the farm life

I had frequent exposure to the farming world, with visits to family-friends (and their own farms) during each school holiday growing up.

Time well spent outdoors, exploring, getting dirty, and learning each day. Animals, plants, the farmhands, the machinery, the weather, and the land.

These memories are reminders, and help me to appreciate what farmers do.
The role of a producer is a noble calling, challenging even at the best of times.

I like to read, study and learn, with a big focus on my clients’ needs, their farming goals, and their challenges.

But most importantly, to learn with them, to walk the land with them, and explore new opportunities together for a better farming today, and tomorrow.

It’s about balance.
And we work with nature, people, and available technology as best we can.

These relationships exist mostly through my work with an amazing company called Aerobotics. Our team supports farming operations all around the world with drone-based, cloud-based, and smartphone-based agricultural technologies and new-age AI (artificial intelligence) solutions.

My approach:
  1. Identify the biggest issue/s first.

  2. Plan, and accelerate into taking action.

  3. Use the right tools and expertise for the job.

  4. Clear focus on short, medium, and long-term goals.

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Being advertisement-free means I have a creative outlet to not only be myself, but to be free of corporate interests and self-censorship.

I don’t write for page views, clicks, or for the digital marketing metrics that mainstream press loves to monitor. This keeps the writing honest and raw.

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