Drone Professional 4

The fourth instalment in the global bestselling Drone Professional series.

Edited by best-selling aviation author, Louise Jupp, Drone Professional 4 features 18 professionals in the drone industry share their current best thinking on the technology, best practice and business success.

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Topics include: drone surveys after cyclones, UAS and SMS applications, drone-centric agri-business and farming, drone security, private security, public safety and law enforcement, drone piloting, BVLOS, accelerating your drone business, drone training at secondary schools, integrated aerial surveillance solutions, anti-poaching and drone design.

This edition is packed with diagrams and illustrations and is an impeccable resource for commercial drone operators worldwide.

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Louise Jupp and Andrew Priestley

Contributing authors:
Wade Hartley, Mahmood Hussein, Armando Koerig Gessinger, Henrik Luehrs, Steve Zerafa, Ken Treloar, Jasper Schmeits, Bob van der Meij, Filippo Tomasello, Lumbwe Chiwele, Nicole Jenkinson, Lucy Erasmus, Ian Kiely, Kim James, David Opateyibo, Jamie Allan, Philip Hicks and Louise Jupp.

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